She was about to talk to Lu Menglin,But I didn’t expect someone to jump out first。

“Hey,What’s the matter with you kid?That expensive machine broke,Can you afford it?”
This unexpected roar,It shook the eardrums of everyone present,Everyone was shocked,Someone dared to talk to that fierce man in this tone,Could there be more powerful masters jumping out。
Zhou Min was also taken aback by the roar,Beautiful eyes blink,Looking at the place where the sound is made with surprise。
I saw a great dark guy rushing to Lu Menglin,Hands on hips,Yelled angrily:“You say you,So uneasy at first?How can I explain to Brother Nan!Borrow your place to live,You are not looking for a job,Occupy the guest’s place in the hall all day long,Now I broke something!”
“I don’t care anyway,You have to pay!”This young man is righteous,Roar like a cow。
When Lu Menglin saw this,I couldn’t stretch myself immediately,Had to smile wryly:“Sorry,I didn’t mean it。”
The one who yelled at him was Chen Jiannan’s younger brother,Xiao Hu, the fitness instructor of this Zhengnan fitness center。
At the beginning, Chen Jiannan thought Xiao Hu was stupid and careless,Better cheat,That’s why I told him,Lu Menglin is a distant relative of a friend,Let him bring Lu Menglin to the museum temporarily。
In order not to be noticeable,So while Lu Menglin stayed in the museum,,Chen Jiannan deliberately does not show up,I just don’t want to be seen through the relationship with Lu Menglin。
But this coach Xiao Hu is a real person,He really thought Lu Menglin was a friend or relative who came over,I usually feel uncomfortable seeing Lu Menglin practicing in the gym,Now I actually broke something,Seems to be in conflict with the customer,Of course he will jump out and reprimand。
Naturally, Lu Menglin would not care about such foolish people,And his current persona is the friends and relatives who came to stay temporarily,So I didn’t say anything when I was scolded,Just keep being careful。
This little Hu gets more and more scolding,He also thinks this kid always takes advantage of the restaurant,It’s not pleasing to the eye,Just take this opportunity,Drove people out for Brother Nan!