During this time,Zhou Min feels a little nervous,Since the last time I went to Lu Menglin to confess my failure,She feels weird,As if I lost something in my heart,Always empty。

If I change to my previous self,Zhou Min wouldn’t mind such things,Isn’t it a man??Didn’t get it once,Then pick it up next time!
But this time,She found out that she really liked the kid surnamed Lu,Why after being rejected by him,My heart hurts?
Often when alone in the middle of the night,I always think of what the guy said,Like someone for a long time!
The place of love,Go deep。original,This is what I really like!
Ding Dong!At this moment,The doorbell rang outside the gate。
Zhou Min walked to the door,Look out along the cat’s eyes,What I saw is a dress7-11Man in employee uniform,Carrying a bag of items in his hand,The brim of the hat is a little low。
Zhou Min didn’t open the door immediately,But shouted at the crack of the door:“Did you send it wrong?,here isB3017。”
She didn’t point7-11Takeaway,Of course he won’t open the door casually。As a single woman living alone,There is still some vigilance。
The clerk was taken aback for a moment,Looked up at the house number,Seems anxious to deliver,Turn around and leave。
I don’t know that this turn around is a bit anxious,The clerk outside the door slipped,Actually slammed his head into the protruding corner of the wall。
The sound of the crash is very loud,And the clerk fell to the ground on the spot,Looks pretty seriously injured。
Zhou Min saw this scene in the eyes of a cat,I heard this loud noise from the crack of the door,So scared that she quickly opened the door,Ready to help the poor deliveryman。
She grew up at the bottom,Although it has successfully crossed the native class,But still maintain the basic kindness and compassion,That’s why she opened the door and came out to help。
but,When she kindly approached the deliveryman,But found that the other party deliberately lowered the brim of the hat,It turned out to be a weird smile。
“thank.thank!You are such a good person!”The food delivery man slowly raised his head,A cunning and cruel light flashed in his eyes。