Zhu Rong is one hundred eight thousand feet tall,The body of the ancestor,In charge of Zhu Rong Shenhuo,The weapon in hand is a long stick。

Sui Ren,Emperor,Less than eight feet tall,Just the realm of true gods,In charge,The weapon fire stick is just a very common magic weapon。
Fire Ancestor God and Human Emperor Sui Ren clan fight each other,It also broke out of the chaos outside the sky。
This battle,Shocked the true gods and ancestors of Pangu Chaos World。
Gonggong,Faint is considered second only to Nuwa、Fuxi、Sanqing and other existence,Zhu Rong, the ancestor god who ranked in the top five in the entire chaos world, was defeated。
even,He was defeated badly in this battle。
It’s like a replica of the Suiren clan and the Thunder God Tianzun.。
On Flame,Unquenchable fire is obviously better than Zhu Rongshen fire is violent and harsh,But there is a hint of endless life,I firmly suppressed Zhu Rong。
On close combat,Zhu Rong’s ancestor god is powerful,But the strength of Suiren’s shots is greater than him。
Among the onlookers,Only Nuwa and Ru came to see,The Five Elements Heavenly Way contained in Suiren’s shots。
This is after Nuwa,The first one who did not pass reincarnation‘shortcut’To understand the existence of the opposite heaven。
This battle,I wish Rong fell in the wind,Ran away in a hurry。
fortunately,He is not the god of thunder,He wants to escape,But Sui Ren can do nothing。
Since then,The human race has never been equated with a force at the level of a stronger true god kingdom,Become a God and Demon、A true behemoth with the three legs of the demon clan。
Faintly there are good people,Make the human race the strongest force in the world。
And Shennong’s one shot,Killed by the poison law, master the cycle of life and death,The famous rotating god among the true gods,Also let the gods, demons and monsters know,The strength of the human race,Not supported by Suiren alone。