See noodles,Xia Jian felt hollow,He doesn’t care,Pick up a bowl and eat,I don’t know the reason for being hungry,Still this noodle is really delicious,He just had a lot of fun anyway,And put Wang Lin in the bowl after eating,Poured him another half bowl,Women’s appetite is inherently small,But Fang Fang is different,A bowl of noodles is very relaxing。

“President Wang!You have to run so far to eat bowl of noodles,Is it too extravagant?,Moreover,I still have so much work on hand“Xia Jianyi put down the bowl,And started nagging。
Wang Lin said with a straight face:“All right,Shall we not talk about work today?Digest and digest after eating,Fang Fang leads the way,Let’s walk around“
“You go,I don’t want to move”Xia Jian finished,Lie down,A lazy look。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“You can’t count it when it comes out,Fang Fang”Wang Lin said,Ben and Fang Fang,One on each side,Set up Xia Jian。
Xia Jian hurriedly said:“Stop it,I can’t go with you”
Down the stream,Go down,The vision suddenly widened,A flat beach with dozens of acres of land,Overgrown with vegetation,This flat beach is surrounded by hills,Surround here,Like a small basin。
After Xia Jian looked around slowly,,Suddenly said to Wang Lin and others:“If it’s spring here,Wait for the tree to sprout,Flowers everywhere,If you build an artificial lake in front,How beautiful as a fairyland!”
“Hahahaha!President Xia,You are so insightful!Take a look,Makes me look forward to it,Do you have any ideas?”Wang Lin stopped,Haha laughed and asked。
A gust of wind blowing,Blowing Wang Lin’s black hair like a waterfall,Xia Jian’s inspiration,said laughingly:“Development!Develop this into a tourist area”
Wang Lin shook her head,I can’t believe it:“You are a business wizard,On my way today,Mr. Xiao told me,He said to take you here,You will have an idea,Sure enough!It seems that Mr. Xiao knows more than Mr. Xia.!”
Hey!This ghost and clever old man,Nominally let him rest and relax,But in fact it is doing things for the group,But what he found today,Must be more valuable than his sitting in the office for a day。