See this scene,The rest of the people will open their eyes again.,However, this reaction is very fast,Standing straight fit,As the model,All walking forward。

Sound neat,The rhythm is extremely strong。
“Sick。”Summer mouth smashed,Some impatient,Even in the depths of his scorpion, a wipe。
Youth face is slightly,I have to wait again.。
“Prepare an empty room,I talk to them.。”Summer said to Luo San Yao。
Luo Sanhe stagnant expression suddenly returned to God, Lower consciousness,Looking at the eyes of summer and expressions,It’s awesome to the extreme。
In fact,In addition to the summer makers to teach him the relevant memories of his ancient Wu,He doesn’t understand each other in summer.。
And the content of the conversations of the two sides has only a few words.,Can not affect the judgment of Luo San。
First, six of the three horses of the peak of the goddess,Flying walking wall,Six hits one,Then I can’t shake,Then……Change it now。
What department is that department??
Why is it salute??
Luo three eyes shocked,It is necessary to see more wind and big waves can’t understand everything I just saw.。
Forced all emotions,Then leaving everyone from the mountain,Soon came to a bald parlor in a carved beam.,Enter one of the rooms。
“Head,I didn’t think it’s really you.。”
Entrust,Youth excited,Can’t wait to open,And the rest of them can see,The captain is not just excited,And very cautious。
I heard this name again.,The greater team members are getting curious.。
For active soldiers,Head of this title,It is not necessarily a senior official of the generals such as the general.。
In the unit,The highest leadership of this unit,It can be called the first。
For a group,The head of the government is the first,Such push。
Means of,A group structure military officer can be called the head,Instead, how high is the job。
But,For members of the Shadow Department Fighting Group,Who is eligible to make these super masters will be willing to call a head??
Even if it is the minister of Shadow,If there is no outsiders,They will be close to the name of the boss,Be outside,Directly called the minister。
The team members have to solve hundreds of minds,Why can’t I don’t pass?。
“Sit down http://www.tutechangdaogou.cnand say。”
Summer nice head,Say together for five people,“Sit down.。”
Seeing him did not deny,Youth is also serious about exciting,No hesitation,唰 唰 下 坐,Oblique。
“What do you come to Dragon City??”Summer is also watching youth,“Tell me if it is convenient.,If it is inconvenient, even if it is inconvenient.。”