Bauhinia Culture Group released a number of projects in Shenzhen to focus on the cultural construction of the Taiwan District

  People’s Network Shenzhen September 22 (Wang Xing) On September 22 Media and Bauhinia Research Institute, "Ink" reading platform, new book "Hong Kong Zhizhi", stage drama "two Beijing 15th", TV series "Lion Mountain, love", etc. Among them, Datong Publishing Media Co., Ltd. focuses on the cultural construction of Yue Hong Kong, Macao, promotes Hong Kong and Macao and Mainland culture, and constructs a publication of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia, radiates global publishing, distribution network and cultural education exchange platform. The Bauhinia Cultural Square is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, which will be put into use in the fourth quarter of this year, with "scientific and cultural depth integration" is a business position, aimed at building an important window of Beijing-Hong Kong culture exchange, and the important platform of Chinese culture goes out. An important base for Hong Kong and Macao youth innovation. At the event, the Bauhinia Cultural Group issued the Bauhinia New Media and the Bauhinia Institute. The "Bauhinia" magazine was created in October 1990, which is the only journal in Hong Kong’s only authority to spread the central spirit of the central spirit.

Yuan Jian, deputy head of the Bauhinia magazine, introduced the new changes in media ecology and public opinion, and the magazine struggle to create "online new Bauhinia", initially form a new media matrix of "two network four multi-platform" new media matrices.

  The "Taku" reading platform is a self-developed content reading community platform, providing a new book release, industry information, review, recommendation, etc., with a variety of expressions such as graphic, video, live broadcast, and audio. Constructing a global reading, booking, booking, reading, reading, reading, reading, listening, broadcasting, evaluation, learning, purchasing, earning, reading, listening, broadcasting, evaluation, learning, purchase, earning (with goods), payment (social), writing, etc. Community and trading platform.

  At the press conference, the general manager of the Bauhinia Culture Group said that the Bauhinia Culture Group is committed to telling the world to talk about Chinese stories and promoting Chinese culture. "We will fully explore high-quality cultural resources in home and abroad, create a complete business layout, perfect management system, strong innovation ability, influence to cover Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia, radiate the world," Bauhinia Cultural Group is a family Comprehensive large backbone cultural central enterprises. The group adopts Shenzhen, Hong Kong Double Headquarters Management Model, based on Hong Kong, Shenmang Daban District, focusing on the development of film and television industry, media information, publishing, cultural performance, financial investment and other five business sections. (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see client downloads.