Three health matters, sleep tops the list

Three health matters, sleep tops the list

Three main things for health: one sleep, two conveniences, three diets, the rest of life, clothing and so on are all auxiliary.

Sleep is the first of the three things, which shows that sleep is inherent to health.

  Sleep is an important means to balance the yin and yang of the human body, it is the best energy saving, it is also the best reserve and recharge, it is the best way to restore fatigue and get out of sub-health.

The mechanism of TCM sleep is: Yin Qi Sheng is stunned (sleep), Yang Qi Sheng is stunned (wake up).

So you should go to bed at night (21-23), and enter the best sleep state at night.

Because according to the Sleep Theory of the Yellow Emperor’s Canon, the midnight night is a yin and yang meeting, and when the water and fire meet, it is called “heyin”, which is the time when the yin is the heaviest and the time to enter the best sleep state.

  To improve your sleep quality, slow down your breathing before going to bed.

Before going to bed, you can sit quietly, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to slow music, etc., to make your body gradually quiet, and then you will be overcast and overcast, and it is best to lie in bed for a few minutes to do qigong.Inner spirit.

  Before going to bed, you can eat something that supports the heart and yin, such as rock sugar lily lotus root tincture, millet red date porridge, lotus root powder or longan meat water . Because the heart is still working hard after sleeping, among the five internal organs, the heart is the hardest, so it is appropriateTonifying the heart and yin will be good for health.

  Patients with insomnia do not forget to soak their feet with warm water before going to bed, which can promote heart-kidney intersection.

The intersection of heart and kidney means that water and fire are in harmony, and it can promote the combination of yin and yang. The combination of yin and yang, sleep, of course, reaches the best state.