Editor-in-chief: 7 tricks to make you take a sample


Editor-in-chief: 7 tricks to make you take a sample

Mm, who often goes to skin care counters, must have a special feeling for the samples presented by the counters.

Don’t look at the counter that says how much is given, in fact, there are still many mobile samples in BA’s hands.

How to get more samples?

Let’s see what Xiaobian can do for you.

  Christmas is coming, it is a good time to scan the goods, savvy mm don’t forget to have more samples while scanning the goods.

  1. Choose a relatively deserted mall.

  The shopping guides are very busy, and someone came to consult him naturally.

At this time, don’t be too busy buying things, talk to the shopping guide a few times, anyway, shopping guide is idle is also idle, and I am definitely willing to talk, chat well, it is naturally convenient to sample.

  2. Try not to go to the counter alone.

  After all, it is inconvenient to ask for something alone.

Two people go together, preferably her husband or boyfriend, or a female companion of the same age, sing and harmonize, and with the tacit understanding, the sample can be more handy.

Moreover, even if the shopping guide refuses to give more samples, leaving will not be embarrassed.

  Note that Mom and Dad are not qualified candidates, because they go straight to the theme when they buy something, and they will not turn around.

Of course, except for some moms who are particularly bargaining.

  3, when entering the mall, you must look at the six shopping guides.

  On the surface, it seems that the shopping guide is very savvy and sharp. Don’t go there.

It is best to find out who the supervisor of the counter is, and then buy things with them, because they have the right to sample.

  4, even want to buy it, hesitate.

  In order to create this business, the shopping guide will offer you a sample.

  5. Be honest.

  If you try to show a good sample, you will definitely buy a genuine one.

If you just want to try and even take advantage, the shopping guide will definitely not give too much.

  6. Dress yourself up delicately.

  People rely on clothes and saddles, and shopping guides will also see clothes to act. If you are dressed like a grocer, don’t expect shopping guides to be enthusiastic about you.

  7, if you like products of a fixed brand, it is best to find a fixed shopping guide and deal with her well.

  Respect her and make her think you are a frequent visitor, want to keep you, and even like you, so that they will be notified in advance of any activities there.