Is a good thing in normal times,But it seems useless now。

Ask the gods and the supernatural,There is a huge gap in entering the Holy Land,So at this moment, even if it crosses several realms continuously,What does it matter??
Even the old man Ma became like this in the woman’s hands,Not to mention them。
Waiting for death is the meaning of the moment!
A red light appeared on the martial arts field again,Zong Xueqin is here,This is the first time today,As usual, it’s the only time when the sun goes down。
“Tut tut,See you like this,Xueqin is sad。”Zong Xueqin shook his head,Seems unbearable,With a slight reluctance in his tone。
Feminine,Scorpion woman!
Everyone gave the best answer in their hearts!
“Your friends didn’t come,It is a pity,I’m afraid another one will die today,Then……”Woman stretches the voice,“So who will!”
The same dialogue as Sorri,Zong Xueqin’s eyes became severe,Killing seems to be a very common thing to her。
Qi Chong and others looked at each other,Chuanzi came out from the crowd。
These days are too difficult,So they have to find a little fun for themselves。
Who will die tomorrow?This is what they have to decide the day before。