With a roar,The wind blows behind the teenager,A huge monster’s head poked out of the thick fog,Big mouth……Pooh!

A mouthful of thick sputum。
The pack of wolves flees quickly with their tails between,Teenager touch the back of his head,A layer of mucus on fingertips,Suddenly dissatisfied:“How many times have you said you,Don’t spit at all times,All splashed on me,Cold and disgusting,You wash my hair and wash my clothes?It’s not a good comrade to keep on teaching,You can’t eat fish for three days。”
Picked up the hare and found a puddle,Scimitar sharp,Proficient,Clean up the hare in twos or twos,Throw a bag of large leaves into the basket。
“I went back,You go back too,Don’t come to me tomorrow,I will look for you,Change book。”
Teenager walking through the dense forest,I caught a poisonous snake who wanted to attack him,Smash the snake head to suck blood,I caught a pheasant after a short run,Waiting to go back to the opening of an air-raid shelter,The basket is full of game。
He arched himself into the dark hole,Turn around and come to a dry space,This is a square room,Moonlight came in obliquely from the old small window,Shine on an old table against the wall,Teenager opens the drawer,The light will light up from the drawer,Shine on the face of a teenager,It was a thin face that was pale and childish。
A round bead is placed on a bulge on the wall,The whole room is shrouded in light that is not bright but soft,Then you can see the mists dispersed by the light。
Small room,Three essentials for table, chair and bed,There is a bucket,A torn towel on the edge。
A few books on the table,Arrange neatly,A roll of bamboo slips that look like ancient people use is placed against the wall,I don’t know where the boy picked it up。
Below the small window is a bed with hay,A piece of ashlar pressed against the head of the bed……Oh,It seems to be an old-fashioned military quilt folded into a square。
The teenager puts an anthology of Grandpa Mao on the desktop,Machete hanging on the wall,Not ready to eat right away,But took a bucket and went out,Came back after a while,I changed my clothes,Still old military uniform,Both sleeves are complete,It’s just missing half of the trouser legs。
The teenager sits down at the table,Open bamboo slips to watch,He looked very carefully,Looks like I don’t know some words,Looks a little strenuous。Soon,The boy was chanting words,Sit on the bed with a firm face,Still cross-legged,Meditation posture。
“I don’t believe it,I still can’t make a fire today。”Whispered without beginning or end,Teenager closed his eyes。
I don’t know how long it has been,Young man flicks,Eyes staring at the fingertips,I don’t know what I’m muttering in my mouth,Then I saw the boy’s index finger was red,Then sparks flashed……It’s cold。
The boy tried several times,No success,He walked back and forth a little irritably,Take out a bamboo tube from the basket at the door and drink a few sips,Go and look at the scroll of bamboo slips,Keep trying。
Quiet all around,Only the slight noises made by the boy’s fingers。
at last,After many attempts,A faint flame appeared on his fingertips。