“good,and,This blue-heart son is more than one,There http://www.cqmxt.cn is still one,Is a small child star recently red throughout the river north,Blue and blue,A pair of twins。

Blue Xin’s information,I also checked it.,I found that she is a very mysterious person.,Her life,Washed a two net,Can’t find her life。
If this time she appears in Jiangyou,No one will know that she is married.,And have children。”
Wang Yanpo is strange,Checked so many people,Blue Xin’s identity is the most puzzled。
Just search for Blue Xin,Will be attacked by Trojan,It seems that someone can protect her.。
Qin Ning looked at him,“Et even you,I can’t find the bottom of Blue Xin.?”
“Um!Can’t find,Lu Haocheng is also checking blue,Just not find,Mu Ziyi has been running all the days.?”Wang Yan frowned。
“Oh!Lu Haicheng is also interested in this blue?”Qin Ning smiled,She is interested in Blue,It is because http://www.sasann.cn Lu Hao is interested in Blue.。
NS252chapter:Her Qin Ning is a life,Xu Muqing destroyed

NS252chapter:Her Qin Ning is a life,Xu Muqing destroyed
“Yes!I also know today.,Lu Hao Cheng’s people in Chase,but,This Blue Xin and the President of Fan City Legs Group,Le Zhenxi is a very good friend。”
Wang Yan’s news,Let Qin Ning are shocked,“Look,This Blue Xin is not simple。”
She has slightly involved in her eyebrows,Ten fingers cross together,Have a good time for a while,Only:“Wang secretary,You continue to check Blue Xin,See who her husband is?Blue, I heard,Their father,It will definitely surface。”
Blue Xin’s design one is overwhelming,And they have not yet lost in autumn clothing.。
Their company’s designer team,I haven’t designated clothes that make her satisfied clothes yet.。
“it is good!lady,I will continue http://www.tjjielian.cn to check。”Wang Yan laughed,Turn around and went out。
Qin Ning’s back chair,Gyzykly。
these years,Who is in the back to help Lu Haozheng,She designed an accident again,Lu Hao Chengdu hide。
It is impossible to be Mu Qing,Xu Mu Qing leaving,She didn’t give her anything.,She has no ability。
This secret force,She can’t find out。
Qin Ning is unreliable in the heart.,Life is like a marathon,Need to come out。
She all endured for so many years.,Don’t care for a few years。
“Mother,what are you doing?”Lu Haokai came in,Laughing a woman asked。
Qin Ning is watching his son.,Asked:“what happened?What have you provoked?”
“hehe”Lu Haokai scratched his head,Sorry smile laugh:“Mother,You know your son,Nothing,It is my marriage with Gu An’an.,Dad warned me this morning.,I don’t know what to do.?”
Qin Ningyi,Also quite worry。
“Your father always speaks seriously,If you don’t marry Ai’an,He can say it,Don’t give you the Lu Yi Group。”
“so,Mother,I am not coming to find you.?You also saw it,Gu Anan doesn’t like me at all.,She also ran to Lu Hao Cheng’s company to go to work.。