Two secret tricks to relieve a woman’s naked pressure

Two secret tricks to relieve a woman’s naked pressure

Stress 1: Inferiority of the body-the pressure of unbuttoning a woman. Before facing sex, the first pressure that women face is worrying about being in bad shape, unable to satisfy their sexual partners, and even destroying the relationship.

But in real life, after all, there are not many people who can be as good as a star, so you must build your self-confidence in your figure and accept yourself.

  Solution: For women’s concerns and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement.

Men must understand that sex is not only physical and sensory desires, but also emotional communication; if you are not satisfied with your figure, you can replace the mood with the female and compare the heart to the heart to relieve the pressure brought by the appearance.

  Stress 2: Fear of sexual intercourse-the stress caused by expectations “Sex is not beautiful at all, only uncomfortable.

“This is a topic often mentioned by many handkerchiefs when talking about boudoir secrets.

Due to the lack of sex education, many people have sex knowledge from movies, TV or fiction.

In those worlds, sex is beautiful, but in fact, not everyone has the same experience; therefore, when people pass word of mouth, sex will not only be unromantic, but even bring pain.

Others believe that sexual intercourse is only routine, and even just to satisfy male behavior.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  Another similar fact is the aversion to sexual organs.

In the comic “Shiratori Reiko”, the heroine Shiratori Shirai is first-class in both face and body. When she falls in love, she also has a beautiful fantasy.The appearance of a big beauty is totally unworthy, so she is disillusioned with sex.

Although the plot is funny, it is very vivid that young women are full of contradictions about sexual intercourse.

This belief that the sexual organs are ugly is just like the notion that sexual behavior is painful, which prevents many women from enjoying sex with ease.

  Solution: If women’s preconceptions or stereotypes about sex are ingrained, they will still cause psychological obstacles.

At this time, the other half’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and communication with both parties, have become the key to the solution.

In order for men to relieve women ‘s fear and expectation of sex, they must understand what women are looking forward to, disarming women and forget about their doubts about sex; while being guided by women, asking the woman ‘s feelings from time to time can also make twoAfter sex, people leave endless lingering.

  In fact, the problem of beautifying women’s sex cannot be completely demanded by men, and women must be responsible.

With the opening of the society, books about sex can become an independent area in the bookstore. Women who require orgasm should not just wait for men to bring orgasm, or blame men for not being considerate, or even enrich their sexual knowledge.To understand the physical and psychological needs of women, and to understand what real sex is, so that you can find endless fun from it.