After all, Huang Rong and Mumei Qing are only to some snake meat.,Especially Huang Rong,At that time, there was also a passionate!

Harvesting white eyes4Later,Huang Rong and Muxi Qing have left,Leave only a man and a wooden barrel in the temple。
Be familiar、Hot feeling,This time is not so difficult,And starting from the whole body,And gradually become a meal……
The Chu Deirers said according to the hosmer.,Start full-to-power work as practicing practice“鲲 鲲 补 天 天”!
By the way, it is still divided.,will“Jiuyin residue”The tricks of the middle retransale also practiced——What Kung Fu is not?,Can only be said to be a trick。
Chu Deirers have been in the body,Normally,Unless there is“Yi tendon forged bone”Cooperation,Otherwise it is not enough……
However, in this medicine bath,Bone plasticity becomes strong。
It is clear that there is no special insulation measures.,But after two hours of feet,The water in the bucket is completely cool to the body temperature of Chu Deirers.,and……At this time, the water has not seen blood.,But the brown of the drug,I have no bloody taste.。
Chu Deiren“鲲 鲲 补 天”More further,As from the happy party“Pope”Derived practice,Flexible、Balance, etc.。
See the Chu Deirers,Woody and Qingqing:“Finally washed。Subsequent, there is no other thing?Do we return to Luoyang??”
“Do not,Let’s go directly to the city to wait.,Look at Yang Tiexin and his wife’s things?。”Chu Deiren said。
Before giving a letter,Composition place,Ji Lipo in Chengdong。
Look at the night,Yang Tiexin is about tonight!
Chu Deirers rushed to Liulipo,I found that things are wrong.——There is a large number of Pingxi Wangfu guard,Mobilize to Liulipo!
“Is it that Wang Hao regretted??Want to remove Yang Tiexin?”Mu Yizhen frown。
“wrong,Even she wants‘Entry’,It is impossible to mobilize so many people.,Is this kind of thing?,Will she ask Wu Sangui??”Chu Dee people denied the first time。
Even if you are really greedy,Want to start with the exemption,I don’t know how to use the current husband.?
Otherwise, Wu Sangui will not have a mutter in his heart.?
This is not in line with human sense,Not even if the Chu Deirers have the original work.。
“How can it be here?……”
Mu Yuqing has not finished,Chu Deirers broke:“You will return to Luoyang first.……Don’t go back to the inn,Go straight to Wang Jia,I followed up.!If I didn’t come back,Tell Huashan people,Normal start,Seeing Zhenyuan Dart Band Dart Team,I will take the initiative to find them。”
“I go with you!”Mu Yuqing immediately said。
“Don’t make trouble,If it is too dangerous,I’m not appearing,You will be embarrassed to follow me.。”Chu Deman deliberately。
This reason is that Mu Yizhen does not convince,However, it is also understood by this discouragement.,Indefic man acts alone,It is the most easy to get out,There is no reject。
Chu Deirers are hanging behind the majority.,Out of the tea shed in Liilipo……
At this time, hundreds of consequences、Diade,The group escorted a Chinese-year-old big man in the national character face of the robes——It is Wu Sanui undoubtedly。
Can be such a big traitor,Paty of natural instruments,It’s really a thief.、I will believe in people.,Also do this level of traitors。
“Master!It is the traitor to kid you.,Back!”
“Kang Lier……you、Why do you say your biological father??”
“My father?I……My father is Pingxi King!”
“Wu Kang!You not only don’t recognize your father,Actually, I still got a thief to my father.,Thieves……you……The whole real sent there is such a disciple.?Even if you don’t want,The poor road must also clean the door.。”
Chu Deirens listen to guess,I found the relationship——80% is weak, not only is willing to leave Yang Tiexin,And I still want to take Wu Kang to leave together.,So I call him。
Wu Kang found some people who were not,So I notified Wu Sangui,So hundreds of people are pressing in the back……
And Guo Jing and Wang,Also together with Yang Tie。
“This king has always respects the real people,But today I robbed the king of the king.,Map of chart,Don’t you still think about it??”Wu Sangui language is calm in calm。
“Wu Sangui!you……”Yang Tiexin saw his own home to break、啷 啷 家 家 家,I want to swear in the opening.。
But the perception of the body is weak.,Half of heart is depressed、Half a complaint,But after all, no more。