“An apple one hundred dollars,Give me one hundred pieces,Is this result enough??

And eat more, you will transform your body,Let your body healthier。”
For Xu Tianci,Li Hui is also a reply that there is no goodness.。
Just when he said this.,But I saw that the big white actually kneeling on the tree.。
And only find those fruits that are almost mature。
This makes Li Hui also have some helplessness.。
“Big white,Give me another time.,Be careful, I will put you back.,I will only eat one every day.,And let your brother give me a good orchard,Don’t be given to me by other animals.。”
Looking at the big white, I can’t help it in the apple.,Li Hui is also very worried。
Although Xu Tianci did not know that Li Hui Feng said that it is true.,But he really feels a lot in these days.。
Don’t laugh:“breeze,well,Brother picks up a few go back to give you a big mother,You have no opinion?”
Say,His hand stretches directly above the apple that is not far away.。
But I haven’t waited for it, I was opened directly by Li.。
“no,Waiting for a maturity,The effect is okay。”
“Good,Then I will wait,See your kind,Tell me,Do you want me?”The following words haven’t finished,He saw that Li Hui Hui was very calm and looked at him.。
It is this calm eyeliner, but he will give it the words that are about to say.。
“What if you are??”
“Hey-hey,Nothing,I will go home first.,By the way, give you a meal.。”
Xu Tianci is now seeing Li Hui Feng is really fear.,After being learned by the other party a few times,He also knows that he is not the opponent,Sorctivity is old。
“Row,I don’t have to come back tonight.,But tomorrow, you have to give me the orchard.,Do not allow anyone to eat,Stealing a piece of one hundred pieces from your salary。”
“cut,Buckle,Just like you can know how much?。”
Xu Tianci mosquito average voice self believes that Li Hui Feng can’t hear。
But Li Hui is still a clear list.。
“I don’t know how many,But you should know that I can see that someone else eats the fruit of my orchard.,This is like you,I ate twenty-three today.,Fifteen apples,Five peaches,Three pears,I didn’t say anything wrong.?”
Li Hui’s words let Xu Tianci immediately stayed on the spot.。
Because the other party is saying something wrong,Completely correct。
“Small wind,How do you say so clear??”
The one hundred and thirty-two chapters are not dead
“Humph,Naturally, it is seen with your eyes.。”
As the sky is getting more black,Li Hui also doesn’t know what is going on.,He can see the fruit of how many orchards have eaten today.,This is simply unscientific。
However, since I get the moment of Shennong inheritance,He knows that it has been separated from natural science.。
Xu Tian gives you what should I say a time?,Because this is too strange。
Surprisingly, he doesn’t think Li Hui is a living person.。
I feel like ghosts.,Actually, the number of fruits he had eaten is clear and clear.。
But at this time,Li Hui Feng can see the apple in the orchard is emitting green light.,Peaches are pink,The pear is yellow,All fruits are like breathing。