The most nutritious lamb stew

The most nutritious lamb stew

Lamb stew is the most nutritious.

hzh {display: none; }  羊肉经过炖制以后,更加熟烂、鲜嫩,易于消化。Cooked meat soup is a good nourishment for the body.

Moreover, if you add appropriate Chinese medicine or nutritionally complementary foods during the stew, the nourishing effect will be scaled up.

Such as angelica mutton soup, wolfberry mutton soup, astragalus mutton soup, mutton radish soup, mutton tofu soup, trotter mutton soup and so on.

  Reasonably paired with anti-fire mutton warm, often eaten easily get angry.

Therefore, when eating lamb, it is necessary to match cold and Ganping vegetables, which can cool, detoxify, and eliminate fire.

Cool vegetables include winter gourd, loofah, spinach, cabbage, enoki mushroom, mushroom, scallion, bamboo shoots, etc. It is best to eat tofu with lamb, it can supplement a variety of trace elements, and gypsum can clear away heat and fire, and remove troubles.The effect of quenching thirst; while mutton and radish are placed in a dish, it can fully exert the coolness of radish, which can eliminate stagnation and phlegm heat.

In addition, mutton is anti-pinellia, calamus, should not be used together.

  The time of lamb lamb should not be short. Lamb lamb can better preserve the active nutrients in lamb meat, but it should be noted that the fresher meat pieces should be as fresh as possible, cut thinner, and blanched in a boiling pot for about 1 minute.The color can be eaten from bright red to off-white, and the time should not be too short, otherwise the bacteria and parasite eggs in the meat slice cannot be completely killed.

The temperature in the hot pot soup is high, and it is best to keep it boiling.

  The soup of lamb mutton is not suitable for drinking. Many people think that the soup of lamb mutton is nutritious. In fact, it is the opposite. It takes more than an hour to eat lamb mutton. During this period, many ingredients such as ingredients, mutton that has not been removed are mixed and boiled at high temperature for a long time.Chemical reactions will occur between each other.

Studies have shown that the substances produced after these food reactions have no defects on the human body and may even lead to the occurrence of certain diseases.

  Should not be used with vinegar, pumpkin and tea in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “mutton with vinegar is heartbreaking.”

Lamb is hot, vinegar is sweet and warm, is similar to wine, and both are cooked together, which is easy to cause fire and blood.

Therefore, vinegar should not be added to mutton soup.

Mutton is rich in protein, and tea contains a lot of supplementary acids. Drinking tea immediately after eating mutton will produce a substance called metabolizing acidic protein, which can easily cause constipation. If eaten with pumpkin, it can easily cause jaundice and athlete’s foot.disease.

  The mutton is delicious and should be moderate while the mutton is warm and hot. Excessive consumption will cause some lesions to develop and aggravate the disease.

In addition, after ingesting a large amount of protein and a small amount, due to liver disease, metabolic functions such as oxidation, decomposition, and absorption cannot be completely completed, which increases the burden of hypertension and can cause disease; often tongue erosion, red eyes, mouth pain, irritability,Sore throat, swollen gums and diarrhea should not eat more.

  Avoid using copper to cook “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “The lamb is cooked with copper: men are sun-damaging, women are under the sun; sex is so different, we must know.

“The reason is that copper meets acids or bases and under high heat conditions, it causes chemical changes to form copper salts.

Lamb is a high-protein food. When the two are cooked together, some toxic substances will be produced, which will endanger human health. Therefore, it is not suitable to cook lamb in a copper pot.