“Class long!I have known the northern bise two and the inho.,Perhaps Feng Zixiong has already been stared.!”Watanabe Yiro said,

“It seems that we are a small reading department.!However, in any case, I have to find Feng Manna.!Because the spy network in the hand of Fengzi should only know his daughter.!”
“But Feng Manna took away the special agent.!”
“Give me a peeking!As long as she came out, she immediately took her back.!”
Rui Rui and Zheng Yao are waiting for Feng Manna and her parents.,It should be worried that the eavesdropped Feng Zixiong couple is just comforted by von Manna and explains.,They feel that they are in the curve to save the country.,But I don’t know how ridiculous this idea is.。
“Zheng Changguan!How will my parents??”Von Mana, full of tears, asked Zheng Yao first,
“Von Mana!You are all clearly unfair, we are very clear.,But your parents will be willing to be punished.!”Zheng Yao said that there is no expression of indifference.,
“Don’t kill them!I beg you Zheng Changguan!What do you make me?!As long as you don’t kill them!They are indeed guilty,But they are my mother.!I am willing to make anything to atone!OK!Zheng Changguan!”Feng Manna cried in front of Zheng Yao,
Zheng Yao first helped Feng Manna said:“Mana!Don’t like this,Their life and death are not what I said.,But no hope!”
“I do what I do.,As long as you don’t kill them!”
“Mana!What did your father talk to you??”Huriously reminded asked,
“Oh!correct!He said that I took a collection of email to find green wood.!Said that he will take care of me.!”Von Manna worried that his parents said that he did not conceal.,
“Mana!Do you know what secrets have you mentioned??”Rui Rui,
“I have no idea!My father only tells me that I took the phonetic book to find green wood.!”
“Von Mana!Then you will find green wood.!This way, he will definitely stay with you.,Understand what I mean??”Zheng Yao first asked。
“Zheng Changguan’s meaning is to let me go as undercover?”Von Manna is also a very smart girl,She suddenly understood why she will be trained.,
“Yes!With your intelligence, you should have no problem.!”Zheng Yao said first, he said:“Mana,You want to save your parents,Only will!You only have the top of your parents to open your parents.!”
“it is good!I promise!Then I have to take the title book.?”
“Need not!you do not say,Green Musk is not known,He will definitely ask your father’s traitor.,You will tell him about the email,But you have to find it.,Feng family is sealed,All things are all verified,Everything is moved to Shanghai.!”Zheng Yaoxian and Qi Rui have already planned,Perhaps the special agent that you can also catch out in darkness.。
“it is good!I am going to find it now??”
“Going right now,remember!I haven’t been there. Your parents are already there.,You have to be sad,You hate our specialist office,You have to revenge your parents!do you understand?”
“clear!Zheng Changguan!Please remember what you said!Please don’t give them a penalty!I will do my best to do things for you.!”Von Manna request,
“Mana!You are not doing things for us,But do things for our country!We are all the same!”Zheng Yao said first,
“How do I contact you later??”
“If you have anything, you will find Blue Bar.。”
“Did the rouge of my parents??”
“Do not!We only tell her that your father’s arrival is a devil spy.!”Zheng Yao first worried that Feng Manna would blame the rouge to put the bug in his father’s office.,
Von Manna looked back and looked at the direction of her parents.,In order to let the parents live with her decided to obey all the arrangements of Zheng Yao。
Blue blushing looks at Feng Manna’s alone, I am worried.,Just ask Zheng Yao first:“Zheng Changguan!Is this not a sheep??”
“rouge!You can rest assured that she will never have something.,Instead, the green wood will also be very good to her.!”Zheng Yao said first,
“She said the phonetic book in your hands,What she guaranteed to ensure her safety??”
“Even if Feng Manna is holding a phonetic book to find a green wood,Do you have to give him a collection?!Don’t worry!We will give them a monolith!”
The secret of the tailor book is rumored to Zheng Yao first.,He took the phonophilus left Zheng Yao first did not stop,Because he also guessed that there was a special attache laid in my party.。
Qi Rui knows that every stamp represents a special agent,Specifically, where is it, I don’t know if I don’t know.,So he must crack the secret of these collection books.,Completely destroying Feng Zixiong’s spy network。
With the help of Chen Jiaying and Fu Yingxue,Rui Rui clauses the secrets of each stamp,Most of these specials have lurked in the national army,Only one code of the geese is laid in our party.。
Let Fu Yingxue passed the information of the geese to the organization,Give all the information of other special skills to Ouyang Duo,At this time, Feng Mana has successfully left a green wood.。
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