“I am going out to find a job.,Can you let these wolves leave??”

Xu Erzhen saw that these wolves did not have any encirclement of Li Hui,He also felt that these wolves seem to be domesticated.。
“Hey-hey,First take the things on your face,I think about it, don’t let them leave。”
Chapter 516 forced
Li Anti-style is also the first time to see someone in the reality.。
And these people are near their orchards,To say that a few people don’t have a motive? He doesn’t believe it.。
What’s more, it is also surrounded by big white.。
The kernel of animals is much better than humans.,Very obvious, a few people are rushing to themselves.。
“You can really let us leave?”
Chen Erlinger looked at the wolves brought by the big white showed silk sharp white teeth.,Especially the twilight of the pair of green oil,I really feel some terrible。
“really,I can now let them not close you.,But the premise is that you have taken the mask.,Otherwise, you can wait for feeding.。”
Li Hui Feng did not want to have too many nonsense with the other party.,Because the other person can come over to deal with yourself,So very likely to deal with your parents in the middle of the night.。
Such a person he has never been left behind.。
“Let’s pick,Let’s pick,Please let me put us.。”
Seeing Li Hui Rong twisted,Xu Erlinger also knows that today is there is no room for bargaining.。
Just in the moment of Xu Erzhen to pick up the mask,Li Hui has recognized each other。
“hehe,Are you not the younger brother??
Tonight this is to pack my?
Still want to take the money back?”
How did Li speaks from the wind? People who come in the evening are actually the people of Tian Da Zhuang.,However, since he is the other person, he also feels a lot.。
“Hey-hey,Lee Boss,Can we come over to find you trouble?,We really have to find a game,You also know to capture wild taste,So we only blindly。”
For this words of Xu Er,Li Hui also laughed directly。
“Your mouth is not bad,But the brain is not good.,When you say this, I thought I would believe you.?
Say,Tonight’s purpose,If you don’t say,You can not see the sun in tomorrow.。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng facing the big white road:“Big white,I will not speak for a while.,Let one person bite a leg first.。”
Hey, big white heard this,It also told it directly to the younger brother around him.。
And some wild wolves,I heard the instructions of the big white have been prepared to launch an attack at any time.。
“Lee Boss,we say,we say,Can you let the wolves go first??”
“Hey-hey,This depends on your answer, you can’t satisfy me.,If you can satisfy me,Then this matter is also discussed,If you can’t make me satisfied,Then this matter is not discussed.,I think if it is a sneak attack in most nights.,You will also kill such a person.?
After all, no one wants to hang in the whole day.,Right?”
I heard this explanation of Li Hui Feng,Xu Erlinger also nodded:“Correct,Correct,Boss Li, you said。”
Just he just finished this,The two people around me are crazy to 拽 his neighborhood.。
I also responded in an instant.。