Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Pretty,beautiful”

“Enough is enough,Would say these words,Let’s go!Everyone will be off work in a while,Let them see,Time to gossip again”Bai Ruyu giggled,Take Xia Jian and leave。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Busy talking:“Yes!There are more than 20 minutes before get off work,Why did you come out early today?”
“I gave Secretary Wang a copy,Came out by the way,Your donkey?I wanna ride your donkey”Bai Ruyu is naughty like a child。
Xia Jian pointed behind the big tree,Happy to say:“Ok!Let’s go ride a donkey”
The car ran on the traffic avenue in Pingdu,The breeze blew black hair like a waterfall of white jade,She hugged Xia Jian’s waist with both hands,How beautiful is her face like a fairy,On Xia Jian’s shoulder,She also has a feeling of being intoxicated。
They chose a local cuisine this time,The location is of course the small private room upstairs,Sit down,Bai Ruyu has no sense of strangeness,Don’t ask Xia Jian at all,Three under five divide two,Order a table。
Xia Jian thought,So many dishes,Can you finish it?But Bai Ruyu doesn’t care what he thinks,Pick up chopsticks,Eat for a while,After waiting for two plates,She just said:“Quickly introduce your new project”
Xia Jian was happy,This woman looks gentle,It tastes a little scary,Did you eat with her the last few times?,She is not full。
“Oh don’t dawdle,Don’t you eat more??Don’t worry,I sell this time”Bai Ruyu said,Picked up the chopsticks again,Ready to eat。
Xia Jian was busy writing Ouyang Hong’s plan,Handed over,said laughingly:“Not afraid of you eating,But I’m afraid of eating you,Take a rest,Look at the plan we wrote,Eat afterwards”
“Hey!The food in the staff canteen is too poor,Plus I have been exercising for these two days,I saw what I wanted to eat,Appetite suddenly increased,Hard to control”Bai Ruyu said,A little bit reluctant to put down the chopsticks,Received the information from Xia Jian。
Bai Ruyu looked very carefully,She watched,While asking,Xia Jian was explaining,I made a supplementary explanation,These two people asked and answered,More than half an hour passed,When finished,Bai Ruyu said with a small mouth:“The dishes are cold,it is all your fault”